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Jan 16, 2013 10:00pm PST
the low to mid-60s. of concord right now, 36. santa rosa, 36, but the humidity level has increased. san francisco, the warm spot at 49. lows down to freezing for concord, san francisco likely staying in the 40s tonight. pacifica, 43. and san jose dropping down to 36. no rain dropping from the sky. cbs 5 doppler is mainly dry. a huge ridge of high pressure, there's been one somewhere over the country over the past month or so, but it hasn't been over the top of us. that's changing. the high is centered very close to us. that'll keep air quality iffy over the next couple days but it will allow the atmosphere to warm up a little more every day. and many of you will likely hit the 60s in the south bay tomorrow. rest of us getting into the 60s over the weekend and staying there well into next week. if you like sunshine, it's your kind of forecast. nights will be clear though. things will be chilly at night. we'll level off in the low 60s, and that poor air quality will stick around into next week. sunnyvale, are 64, hayward, 62. antioch and pittsburgh, 58 for you. downtown san francisco
Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
, san ramone, danville, pittsburg, concord right around 60. santa rosa tomorrow 63 degrees. highs in the low 60s in january. we'll do it again saturday, sunday, why not monday? tuesday looking good. i don't see any organized rainfall the next seven days. january sunshine. >> looks pretty. thank you, paul. o ta >>> tiger woods makes such a smooth transition. makes his 2013 debut, we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, away from the nfc championship...we' ll previ the 49ers and falc >>> three days away from the championship. >> that's my lead-in. we are just three days away from the nfc championship and we'll preview the 49ers and falcons tomorrow night at 7:00. start the clock, please. under 20 seconds, jennifer brandon put back overtime. in o.t. britney borg goes by everyone. cal wins 71-63. >>> vanna white did not get her birthday wish. santa clara took it to the dust. broncos win 85-54. >>> giants third baseman pablo sandoval has been diagnosed with colitis which is swelling of the large intestine, but he's expected to return within the next 24 to 48 hours. >>> tiger and rory paired together
Jan 20, 2013 8:30am PST
] >> everything, no! >> well, you know the temperatures are above freezing in oakland. 27 in santa rosa and 35 in san jose. look at the high surf advisory, the entire coast is under this advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. the wave will be up to 20 feet. strong rip currents. if you are headed to the ocean, have a care. as we look live over san jose, sunny and warmer today. 70 degrees plus in the warmer spots? yes! cooler by tuesday. this front will be coming to the bay area. tuesday will cool down and we probably won't get rain until next weekend. low pressure is in the gulf of alaska, staying there for a while. we will look for sunny and mild conditions in the bay area today. a nice, good day to go for a hike. forecast highs we will be looking for them to be in the 60s except for the few location where is it is 70 degrees. out in the east bay we will go with low 60s for the most part. the same will hold true for the north bay. a few mid 60s in sonoma. in the city 61 degrees. in atlanta pretty much the same. 60 at game time with mostly sunny skies this afternoon in atlanta. the extended
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
freeze warns or frost advisories. but the inland valleys still very chilly. santa rosa, 35, livermore, 37. concord, 35. likely dropping below freezing for santa rose affairfield, and lifemore -- fairfield, and livermore. you will need a jacket especially for the kids tomorrow morning. an angelo of 40, san francisco. san jose, 34. livermore, averaged 30 over the past seven days. we are mainly dry, we'll stay mainly dry. and look at this ridge of high pressure setting the storm track up toward alaska and northern british columbia. that is rare this time of year to have a high pressure dome this big and strong. it's not going to move for 7-10 days. high pressure in control, not moving. we will begin to warm up and get into the 60s. nights will still be chilly, 30s away from the water. highs around 60 for much of the rest of this week and into next week. livermore, 56. back to average. san jose, 59. sunnyvale, 58. sunshine in san ramon. mill valley 55, san francisco 56. tomorrow though, some inland spots will hit 60. mid-60s by thursday and friday. and look at all that sunshine for the we
Jan 19, 2013 10:00pm PST
oakland. but it was 73 in santa cruz. above average in san jose. average high 57 in santa rosa but instead 65. and livermore and fairfield and concord are the cool spot at 60. currently we have 39 degrees already in livermore. we'll have to double check that. 39 also in santa rosa where the winds are still calm at this hour. we're dropping down to the freezing point again in livermore. in fact tonight's lows sub freezing in many inland locations and then we moderate gradually every single night, overnight. this is san jose with the clear skies. we have the high surf advisory tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. cool and cloudy on wednesday with a slight chance of rain. right now, see this right here, this is a good indication that the jet stream is varying over the huge ridge of high pressure providing us with ample sunshine across the entire state. in fact we are talking about uniform numbers, from the mid- 60s to the interior section of the state. 40s in lake tahoe with the forecast of 1 above zero. 65 in monterey bay. getting a good feel for things here. everybody is pretty much in the 60s
Jan 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
bunch of you have been sending photos. here you go. this is riley and emmy from santa rosa, having a little bit party with their grandparents. >> there's 90-year-old rows baba. she's? san francisco in 1952, has been a niners season ticket holder for 30 years. >> even dogs getting into the spirit. this puppy is all ready for the big game. >> and this is a family affair, all decked out in red and gold. so, you think you can do better? you think you can do better? you're a bigger 49er 17? send your photos to your news at -- you're a bigger fan. please include your home down. we'll be sharing some of them every night. >>> when we come back. kaepernick continues to be unphased by what's happening. you'll hear from him next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, unfazed by what's happening. you'll hear from him next. the pressure of the he prepares the reer, he is o . >>> pressure, what pressure for kaepernick as he prepares for the 10th start of his nfl career. he is 1 win away from bringing the sixth super bowl title to the franchise. >> kaepernick is the man. very bright future. very bright fu
Jan 18, 2013 10:00pm PST
alivermore, con -- rosa, livermore. san francisco, 53. oakland, 52 degrees. a high surf advisory up and down the coast in the bay area. seas are going to build 8-10 feet. some spots could get to 20 feet. watch out for the sneaker waves! every sixth or seventh can be a strong one with a pull out to sea. please, swim with caution, or stay out of the water! concord, december, ton of rainfall. january, 1 quarter of 1 inch of rain. and we're not going to see any until wednesday. high pressure still protect the bay area. but things are getting more active 100 miles off to the west. and all of this meswill eventually move in -- of this mess will eventually move in. that's the entire holiday weekend still under the influence of this big bubble of high pressure. sunny, dry, mild in the 60s. before high pressure moves out middle of next week, a week cold front moves through, a couple showers on wednesday, not friday. and then an onshore flow will make us cooler for several days thereafter. a great, beautiful weekend to get outside! watch out for the rough surf at the beach, and the pattern change is c
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7